Procurement Leader Coaching

Enabling leaders to effectively coach and lead their teams to a higher level of capability and results achievement

Starting with the Global Procurement Leaders self-assessment, we guide your leaders through a process of self-awareness building and the readiness to embrace change and growth.

Our coaches are expert executive coaches and procurement leaders with global experience. They will demonstrate their capability in a way that builds credibility with the ‘coachee’ and continuously builds trust and rapport.

The goals of every coaching engagement are skills development / transfer of learning to ensure the ‘coachee’ is able to sustain the new level of performance after coaching is completed.

Global Procurement Leader's Handbook

Purchase & study The Global Procurement Leader’s Handbook

Take the Global Procurement Leader’s Assessment!

This comprehensive survey is an assessment tool that will help identify your current strengths and potential areas upon which you can improve. The answers you give in the survey will enhance your coaching experience.

Visit the Global Procurement Leader’s Website to take the assessment and access valuable resources.

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