Education and Professional Development

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Education and Professional Development

Continuous learning, development and improvement are cornerstone requirements for professionals. We also recognize that adult learning must be founded on respect for the life experiences and prior professional development of the participants. Interactive, engaging – and some will say intense – our approach is on helping others achieve skill improvements for life.

Providing the tools for each individual and team to increase their satisfaction and return to the organization.

Our team of globally recognized educators leads sessions that are hands-on and very interactive. The participants learn new tools and approaches and practice them in a safe environment while receiving real-time feedback; they emerge know how the learning can help them do a better job and increase their results.

Education sessions can be tailored for each cross-functional team in a true learning-by-doing approach or focused on the procurement staff. A full range of virtual and in-person learning options is available.

Topics covered across Category and Sourcing / Supplier Management / Negotiations include:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • Sponsor management
  • Business requirements development
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Strategic tool analysis
  • Category segmentation
  • Lean portfolio analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Porter’s 5 Forces
  • SWOT
  • Strategy development
  • Project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Supplier selection
  • Category segmentation
  • Supplier assessment and segmentation
  • Supplier performance measurement 

What Others are Saying:

Good content and format. Really enjoyed the trainer and real life examples used.

March 10

Excellent course for applying training to used (the) tools discussed.

March 10

A lot of information but I wasn't bored--new concepts; great instructor--knowledgeable, engaging, relevant examples.

March 10

It was very informative and provided tools I will use in real world situations.

March 10

That is an extremely dynamic and interactive course. Must attend!

March 10

The pace (of the seminar) was perfect, topics covered in just enough depth for high impact.

March 10

Great content and tools to use for real life scenarios.

March 10

Very Insightful...It made me think further on the importance of building a relationship with suppliers

March 10

Worth the time and effort

March 9

You will get insights & tools to frame a conversation with the suppliers

March 9

I like the way that the trainer presented, showing all the links and important hints.

Pace was perfect, topics covered just in depth enough for high impact

Its really interesting how real-life scenarios are presented to you and teach you how to prepare for them.

That it is an extremely dynamic and interactive course. Must attend.

Dynamic trainer! Supplemental real-world examples / experiences are invaluable. Content all immediately applicable to current role.

It was very informative and provided tools I will use in real world situations

Excellent course, lots of useful content. Visuals were very helpful

It was very informative and provided tools I will use in real world situations

Session leader’s style, relevance of content, session leader’s knowledge & subject expertise – life experiences

Presentation – process, I liked the breakout groups and focus of the participants

A lot of information, I wasn’t bored – new concepts; great instructor – knowledgeable, engaging, relevant examples

Examples – Erik has great history and examples to bring home concepts and provide insights into legacy organizations.

Great information & wonderful instructor who is energetic, knowledgeable and fun

Absolutely take it and PARTICIPATE

Take it! Practical

That it is very beneficial providing additional toolsets other than the normal traditional. Instructor know how bring examples to explain each.

Good content and format. Really enjoyed the trainer and real-life examples used.

Do it, it was great. Ask for Erik.

Good course, very good to reinforce skill set. Erik was great.

One of the most beneficial courses – relevant – well-structured – informative instructor is absolutely one of the best consultants I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Trainer had good industry knowledge

Trainer able to back theory with examples

Relevance of practical examples

Trainer. Very impressive knowledge and ensured engaging interaction

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