Procurement Leader Coaching

Enabling leaders to effectively coach and lead their teams to a higher level of capability and results achievement

Starting with the Global Procurement Leaders self-assessment, we guide your leaders through a process of self-awareness building and the readiness to embrace change and growth.

Our coaches are expert executive coaches and procurement leaders with global experience. They will demonstrate their capability in a way that builds credibility with the ‘coachee’ and continuously builds trust and rapport.

The goals of every coaching engagement are skills development / transfer of learning to ensure the ‘coachee’ is able to sustain the new level of performance after coaching is completed.

Category Manager Coaching

Preparing to begin the category management process and want the option of support along the way?

Most new category managers benefit from expert coaching. Like learning to scuba dive with a divemaster, performing the category management process for the first time is best approached with an experienced coach. We recommend new category managers read the entire Global Category Manager’s Handbook before initiating the category management process. Coaching can then be arranged prior to engaging unfamiliar tools in the team setting. Coaching can take the form of face-to-face support or assistance with preparation for upcoming team meetings. Our goal is your successful implementation of the process and achievement of your strategic goals! If you would benefit from coaching and want to talk about your situation, email us at and we’ll help you find the right solution.

Global Procurement Leader's Handbook

Purchase & study The Global Procurement Leader’s Handbook, click the book image above.

Global Category Manager's Handbook, Building a strategy that delivers sustainable value

Be the CEO of your Category! Click  the book image to read more and buy.

Take the Global Procurement Leader’s Assessment!

This comprehensive survey is an assessment tool that will help identify your current strengths and potential areas upon which you can improve. The answers you give in the survey will enhance your coaching experience.

This survey assess the areas of your:

  1. Global Procurement Leader's Assessment InstrumentOne-Hundred-Day Plan
  2. Procurement Transformation-Readiness
  3. Strategic Sourcing and Supplier-Management
  4. Category Opportunity
  5. Collaborative Spend Governance
  6. Cross-Functional Team Leadership
  7. Business Requirements Analysis
  8. Layered Strategy Development
  9. Category Spend Governance Mapping
  10. Lean Portfolio
  11. Category Segmentation
  12. Customer Segmentation
  13. Strategic Insight Development
  14. Risk Analysis
  15. Supplier Negotiations
  16. Procurement Value Proposition
  17. Stakeholder Engagement
  18. Stakeholder and Supplier Feedback
  19. Trust
  20. Value Calculations and Governance
  21. Competence Assessment
  22. Stage Reviews
  23. Procurement Organization Design
  24. Talent Management

For more information, or to take the assessment, email Erik

Assessment Samples
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