Procurement Education

Providing the tools for each individual and team to increase their satisfaction and return to the organization.

Our team of globally recognized educators leads sessions that are hands-on and very interactive. The participants learn new tools and approaches and practice them in a safe environment while receiving real-time feedback; they emerge know how the learning can help them do a better job and increase their results.

Topics covered across Category and Sourcing / Supplier Management / Negotiations include:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • Sponsor management
  • Business requirements development
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Strategic tool analysis
  • Category segmentation
  • Lean portfolio analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Porter’s 5 Forces
  • SWOT
  • Strategy development
  • Project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Supplier selection
  • Category segmentation
  • Supplier assessment and segmentation
  • Supplier performance measurement

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