xDelivery Partners

Positive Purchasing is a specialist training and consultancy business focused on transforming procurement capability worldwide. We help organizations realize dramatic results through the development of people and process, by establishing common ways of working using best practice approaches and by bringing our vast experience in purchasing and procurement.

Buy.O Group has carved a niche in business ecosystem development and business relationships management by serving private companies and public sector organizations for over 10 years. We help customers attract strategic partners and develop relationships to leverage external resources and achieve sustainable performance.

         Procurement Academy

Procurement Academy is all about competence development for corporations: we train your staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses.

With a long history of procurement expertise, a culture of integrity, ambition and high energy, Procurement Academy employees and partners get the chance to make a difference, every day. The results-focused culture coupled with passionate procurement people deliver unique material in a superior learning design.