Joint Supplier / Buyer Management Teams

Building trust in order to achieve mutual value

The hardest of all commercial relationships to create and manage for mutual value is the joint team including buyers and sellers. While many start as ‘arm’s length relationships’ they all must successfully transform into trusting relationships that deliver mutual value in order to unlock the value both parties seek. This is much easier said than done and requires exceptional facilitation and selected use of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ tools to create the requisite understandings and environment for success.

The approaches our team uses includes:

  • Joint chartering – including linkage to senior (c-suite) sponsors in both organizations
  • Ongoing governance and management
  • Visioning – creating a compelling view of what is possible
  • Joint action and scenario planning
  • Trust building – starting with open ‘as is’ assessments and building plans to positively develop trust across the key constituents in a way that is tangible and relevant